Tips for Teaching Kids to Blog

teach kids wordpress and blogging

The Internet has gotten a bad rap with parents, as they are concerned with their child’s amount of online play and Internet usage. While we all agree that too much time spent online can be a bad thing, teachers and parents can educate their kids to use the Internet in a healthy manner to promote…

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Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is open source software. Open source software has its advantages to be sure, but since it is “open,” meaning that the code is available for all to see, those that study the code close enough can find holes. If a hole is found by one of the “good guys,” then it can be filled,…

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6 Things to Do Before You Start Your Website

getting started with your wordpress blog

You’ve registered your Domain name, you’ve set up hosting, and you are gung ho to get started with your site. But how do you start? What do you need to begin? Follow these initial 5 steps and you will be well on your way. 1. List 3 things you want to accomplish with your site…

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